Accelerator Winnipeg

EO Accelerator Winnipeg, affiliated with the Winnipeg chapter of the Entrepreneur's Organization, is a program geared towards entrepreneurs with annual revenue above $320,000 CAD who want to grow without having to figure it all out themselves. As a chapter member of the EO Winnipeg Accelerator chapter, you'll participate in quarterly learning days put on by world class trainers. You will also be part of a monthly accountability group led by an EO Winnipeg member, be invited to select EO Winnipeg events, and to other Accelerator-only exclusive learning and social events.

Being an entrepreneur is difficult. There are setbacks you don't expect as you're trying to grow your business. Cash is short. People are difficult to manage. It feels like your friends and family don't understand why you're doing this. Come connect with people who understand (and celebrate!) your struggle, and make the leap to the $1M mark.

Over one third of Accelerator members increase their sales to $1,000,000 USD within 2 years of starting the program.

Sounds pretty good, right? Check out how the application process works.

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